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Rinnai RU98iP Interior Propane Condensing Tankless Water Heater

$1,776.00 $1,244.00
(You save $532.00)

Rinnai RU98iP Interior Propane Condensing Tankless Water Heater

$1,776.00 $1,244.00
(You save $532.00)
$45.00 (Fixed shipping cost)

Product Description


Rannai Rannai Info
For Use With Propane Only

Rinnai RU98i-P  Propane Indoor Tankless Hot Water Heater – Rinnai has improved upon their last offering  in that they now have included a built-in Circ-Logic (TM) recirculation program that is capable of cycling an external pump (sold separately) at preset intervals and temperatures to maximize efficiency and comfort.  Most homes do NOT require the recirculation of domestic hot water therefore an external pump is NOT required for a typical installation of this water heater. Another new innovation included in the RU98i-P is a leak detector.  Upon determining there is a water leak, the unit shuts off the water to limit property damage. Also new for the RU98i-P is a built in temperature lock.  This prevents accidental or unauthorized changes to the water temperature.  Additionally, an enhanced scale detection feature has been incorporated to lessen the possibility of serious long term damage to the unit due to excessive scale  deposits.  As before, Rinnai includes a Webstone Lead-free Isolator Valve Kit (model EXP2) and a door mounted controller (Model MC-91-2).  The new Rinnai model RU98i-P incorporates condensing technology to deliver more efficiency than ever before. The RU98i-P is suitable for mid- to large-sized homes with enough capacity for you to enjoy up to five plumbing and appliance outlets simultaneously. Rinnai’s new Condensing Tankless Water Heaters offer all the same benefits builders and homeowners have come to expect from Rinnai. Never run out of hot water again, and enjoy the space savings, convenience, ease of installation and peace of mind for which Rinnai is famous. The efficiency of the Rinnai RU98i-P condensing technology features Rinnai’s unique condensing design, incorporating two innovative heat exchangers to achieve optimum heating value from every gallon of propane. The Rinnai RU98i-P has a stainless steel secondary heat exchanger system that recaptures residual heat from flue gases to pre-heat incoming ground water, which then circulates to the primary copper heat exchanger. The Rinnai RU98i-P delivers up to 9.8 gallons of hot water per minute (GPM) at a 35 degree temperature rise due to its .95 Energy Factor. The Rinnai RU98i-P tankless condensing water heater is ideal for residential and commercial applications and can be banked for even greater capacity. The Rinnai RU98i-P Tankless Water Heater offers you high efficiency, reliability and greater service life than the competition. The Rinnai RU98i-P interior-mounted RU Series, 9.8 GPM, Propane, .95 Energy Factor Condensing Tankless Hot Water Heater unit can be placed in any room, vent directly to the outside with a single wall or roof penetration, have a door mounted control for diagnostics and temperature control, as well as  a Webstone Model EXP 2 Lead-free Isolator Valve Kit.

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Full Product SpecificationsFull Product Specifications Hot Water Design ManualHot Water Design Manual
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Rinnai Ultra Efficient Condensing Technology

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Included Accessories:

Isolator EXP 2 - Valve Kit

Webstone Lead-free Isloator EXP 2 Valve Kit
The Webstone tankless water heater service valve kit includes a hot water valve assembly, a cold water valve assembly and a 150PSI pressure relief valve. Each valve assembly contains a threaded union to connect to a water heater, a ball shut-off valve, a high flow hose drain cap and threaded connection at the bottom for hook up at your home's water pipes.


MC-91 Control Panel
Rinnai MC-91-2US Door Mounted Controller
This Rinnai water heater has an integrated digital controller that will allow you to adjust the water temperature to your desired set point, display the current water temperature and alert you to any potential error codes that the unit may be experiencing. The MC-91-2US control is molded into the front door panel of this model Rinnai Tankless Hot Water Heater.


Product Features:

  • A built-in Circ-Logic (TM) recirculation program has been incorporated in order to allow the cycling of an external pump (sold separately) at preset intervals and temperatures to maximize efficiency and comfort.
  • A leak detection feature has been added.  Upon determining there is a water leak, the unit shuts off the water to limit property damage.
  •  A temperature lock was added to prevent accidental or unauthorized changes to the water temperature. 
  • An enhanced scale detection feature has been incorporated to lessen the possibility of serious long term damage to  the unit due to excessive scale deposits
  • Sleek, modern design with silver finish and sculpted cover
  • Applicable for both residential and commercial applications due to commercial-grade heat exchanger
  • Temperature range with standard MC-91-2US controller (included): 98 Degree Fahrenheit to 140 Degree Fahrenheit
  • Temperature range with MCC-91-2US commercial controller (optional to be purchased separately): 98 Degree Fahrenheit to 185 Degree Fahrenheit
  • Digital temperature control, monitoring, and troubleshooting through the digital control
  • EZConnect feature for connecting 2 units
  • 3 or more units can be manifolded using the optional MSB-M master controller for the Rinnai RU98i-P Interior, 9.8 GPM, Propane, .95 Energy Factor, Condensing Tankless Water Heater


General Water Heater Data:

  • Must exhaust using Rinnai approved proprietary bi-flow all plastic concentric vent pipe
  • Propane Burn Rate (Minimum / Maximum): 15,200 / 199,000 Input BTUs
  • Hot Water Capacity Range (Minimum / Maximum): 0.4 to 9.8 GPM
  • Fuel Type: Propane
  • Energy Factor: 0.95
  • Temperature Range: 98 to 140 Degree Fahrenheit with standard MC-91-2US control
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 18.3"W x 10"D x 26"H Inches


Rinnai RU98i-P Technical Details:

  • Commercial-grade Heat Exchanger for Residential and Commercial Application
  • Comes standard with MC-91-2US Digital Controller with Error Code Indicator
  • Pre-set at 120-Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Meets California and Texas NOx Emissions Standards


  • Manufacturer: Rinnai
  • SKU: RU98i-P
  • Manufacturer's Part Number: KB3237FFUD-US-P
  • Type: Temperature controlled, continuous flow, condensing gas hot water system
  • Operation / Exhaust: Forced combustion / Direct vent via Rinnai all plastic vent system
  • Vent Type: Must exhaust using Rinnai approved proprietary bi-flow concentric vent pipe
  • Installation: Indoor, Residential and Commercial


Performance Ratings

  • 9.8 Gallons Per Minute at 35° rise in water temperature (typical in Southern Climates)
  • 5.0 Gallons Per Minute at 75° rise in water temperature (typical in Northern Climates)

Overall Dimensions

  • Width: 18.3 Inches
  • Height: 26.0 Inches
  • Width: 10.0 Inches
  • Weight: 61.7 Pounds


  • Approved Fuel Type: Propane
  • Minimum/Maximum Propane Burn Rate (Input BTUs): 15,200 – 199,000 BTU
  • Propane Pressure: Minimum 8" W.C. / Maximum 13.5" W.C.
  • Energy Factor propane: 0.95
  • Propane Connection: 3/4 Inch MNPT
  • Propane Pipe Size: 3/4 Inch Minimum


  • Electrical Hook-Up: AC 120 Volts, 60 Hz
  • Electrical Consumption:Normal: 57 Watts Standby: 2 Watts
  • Anti-Frost Protection: 146 Watts


  • Water Pressure Required: 15 - 150 PSI (50 PSI or above is recommended for maximum flow)
  • Cold Water Inlet Connection: 3/4 Inch MNPT
  • Hot Water Outlet Connection: 3/4 Inch MNPT
  • Water Temperature Using Standard MC-91-2US Control: 98°F - 140°F
  • Water Temperature Using Optional MCC-91-2US Commercial Control: 98°F - 185°F (Sold Separately)
  • Isolation & Pressure Relief Valves Included: Heavy duty forged brass Webstone Isolator Valves EXP E2, certified to NSF/ANSI 61-8 for potable water (lead-free)



High Efficiency Water Heaters, such as the Rinnai RC80HPi, RC80i, RC98HPi, RC98i and RU98i, can only be used with approved vent pipe that has the logo to the right stamped on its box. The parts that make up the vent pipe for the condensing unit have a plastic interior pipe and a plastic exterior pipe. All vent pipes that we sell for the RC80HPi, RC80i, RC98HPi, RC98i and RU98i will contain this logo on their selling page. All vent parts made for use with the RC80HPi, RC80i, RC98HPi, RC98i and RU98i will end in the letters "PP". The vent pipe for the condensing system can NOT be used with any of the LS, RL, VR, or V Series Rinnai Tankless Hot Water

The Rinnai vent system is unique because it uses a concentric bi-flow piping system. Most tankless water heaters require separate intake and exhaust pipes that run independently from each other to the outside of your home. The Rinnai vent system is special because it has one pipe inside the other. You will not be able to retain or re-use the exhaust pipe from a standard or high efficiency tank type water heater. Rinnai’s unique vent system must be run from the top of the tankless water heater all the way out of your home. Because of this requirement, exhaust vent pipe from existing standard or high efficiency “tank” type water heaters can’t be used with a Rinnai Tankless Hot Water Heater. Please contact us for more information.

All Items Must Be Professionally Installed!
All Items must be professionally installed. Failure to have this unit professionally installed will void the warranty. There will be no exceptions to this policy. Improper installation of this unit will result in injury or death. This is a gas appliance which can cause great harm to you or your family if installed improperly. We make no claims regarding local building codes or approvals.
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